Our Relationships

Advice From Other Workers

“Love your friends and family, and let them know you are okay. Make sure you do lots of self-care to enable yourself to be a good friend/partner/parent etc.”

“Keep healthy and safe. Try not to isolate yourself, and keep involved or at least in contact with your close ones. They most likely love you unconditionally.”

“Accept that it can be difficult for others to understand. Unless you have problem with it, there is nothing morally wrong. Don’t be ashamed and blame yourself for everything.”

“Be yourself. Spend as much time as possible with those you love. And remember who it’s all for in the end.”

“Never take family for granted (extended family included). Even if it is just to let them know that you are alive. Sometimes, in the moment, that’s enough.”

“If you feel it’s necessary to keep your occupation a secret from loved ones, do so knowing it’s for the best as you’re saving them from feeling confused and upset, and/or blaming themselves for what you do. Even though your family and friends may think what you do is shameful, immoral, wrong, etc. – try not to internalize these beliefs yourself. If it feels right for you, it is right.”

“Communicate. The secrets that I have kept to myself have always been the most painful to get over. Even if you can only be honest in your small circle, it means so much to have someone to talk with.”

“Take care of yourself first.”

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