Our Relationships

Sexual Diversity

“It’s different for everyone but my girlfriend and I are polyamorous by nature so the whole industry is just one big fun and exciting sexual adventure for us. We have had and do have many sexual relationships with people we work with and also people who are outside of our industry. In general we do not take sexual relations as seriously as most people but we attach a lot more importance to our friendships with other people than a lot of people do.”

The open sexual nature of the porn industry has really helped my relationships with women in general and especially with my partner. Fear of the unknown is what causes most people to become jealous and possessive. After you have sex with so many people both professionally and socially you lose the obsession with finding fresh new conquests which is a basic male instinct. Total sexual satisfaction leads to the ability to have a relationship with your partner/partners that is based on real love, not need.”

Many of us are open-minded sexually before we come to this work. It may even be why we come to this work. Therefore, it is no surprise that adult entertainers are slightly more likely than others to have non-traditional sexual relationships.

From open relationships, where we are committed to each other but each free to have sex with others; to multiamorous relationships, where I am deeply committed to two or more people and they equally committed to each other and me; and everything in between.

For many of us, the actual sex of the person isn’t as important as the connection we have at that moment. Some of us lead lives of celibacy outside our work. And some of us want a traditional, monogamous relationship, just like the one we’re expected to want.

For most of us, we’ve done stuff for pay that we’ve never done in real life. Perhaps that is why we are more likely to try new things? We’ve already faked it a kazillion times.

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