If you plan to have kids or have young children now, you probably ask yourself what you are going to tell your children about your job (or past) when the time comes. Everyone does it the way that best suits his or her family, cultural, and personal values.

One benefit of being honest with your children is that you won’t have to explain yourself one day when they find out the truth. If you choose this route, you can tell your children age appropriate information, as time goes on.

For example: 3 years old – Mommy’s a dancer; 6 years old – Mommy dances in hardly any clothes; 9 years old – Mommy is an exotic dancer, which is a woman who dances in hardly any clothes, and sometimes naked. Why? Because a woman’s naked body is beautiful.

You don’t ever have to share details of your work with your children, and they’ll probably be thankful you don’t. But if you raise them with the truth and teach them to be positive and non-judgmental of others, they just might grow up and not judge YOU.

On the other hand, your culture or upbringing might compel you to hide your job from your children. And it just might be the best thing to do. Every situation is different. Go with your gut and do what feels right for you.

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