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“It’s hard for any man to think of his girlfriend having sex with another person. They can’t separate sex for love with sex for job. I view it as a doctor touching a body for business.”

“My boyfriend was only supportive if I was performing in adult movies with other women. If I worked with men I would have to deal with the looks of disapproval when I got home.”

“Not everyone is strong enough to love a ho…”

A common issue in relationships for sex industry workers is that their partners get insecure and consequently, jealous. Jealousy can be about anything from whom you’re engaging with to how much money you’re making (especially if it’s more than your partner).

Unless you have a very secure partner who is comfortable with what you do for a living, he or she will likely become jealous at one time or another.

There is not a lot you can do about someone else’s insecurity. You can try reassuring him all the time, but it doesn’t work. A person’s issues with insecurity are something he needs to work out for himself.

The worst part about insecurity is that it is very unattractive. After awhile, your partner may just have a good reason to be jealous if you start to lose interest in him or her.

Obviously, if you’ve given your partner reason to be insecure other than what you do for a living, you’ll need to be very understanding that re-earning trust takes time.

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