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Employment Standards / WCB


The Workers Compensation Act* benefits all employers, as employers, and all workers in British Columbia. It protects employees who are injured at work or in the course of work or who contract an occupational disease*. The Employment Standards Act* of British Columbia regulates practices around hiring, working conditions, wages, hours, vacations, and termination, among other things and aims to protect employees from exploitation.

All employees working legally in BC are protected meaning that sex workers employed in health enhancement centres, massage parlours, steam baths, body rubs or escort services should have access to the protections of this legislation. Exotic dancers, strippers and other performers, as well as phone sex operators also should be covered.

If you are an escort or other indoor sex worker and are sexually harassed by your employer, for example, you can file a complaint. If you work independently, you can apply for individual protection and pay monthly for worker’s compensation to protect you in case of injury.

As an employee-employer relationship with a sex worker is illegal and is considered procuring, ‘pimping’ or falls under the bawdy-house provisions, any sex related injuries, diseases or incidents are not covered, as only the legal aspects of your employment are protected.

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