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Adult Film and Modeling

“Workers must be sober when signing contracts and be well enough to perform. If someone is not well, they cannot work with us as it could lead to legal issues.”

Some of the female models get breast implants but generally it reduces the amount of work that they can get, as natural breasted women are thought of as sexier.”

Getting Started

Many models and actors get recruited into adult film and photo work through their friends or by transitioning to it from webcam work. But there are ways to get into it without knowing someone. You can occasionally find listings in newspapers or on adult entertainment websites and classifieds sites like Craigslist.

During an interview, you are sometimes required to sign contracts, have a few naked photo shots taken, and provide ID. Before commencing work in adult film, you are also usually required to produce recent STI test results.

Some modeling gigs have an online form-based application with picture uploads which begins the booking process. That may be followed by a phone interview and hopefully leads to a booking.

Legal Age

To ensure models are legal age, companies usually require two pieces of government issued photo ID. They will file copies of your ID with your photo(s) and the contracts you signed.

Job Requirements

Adult Film companies often require mandatory STI testing. Some adult film companies will pay models extra if they get their test results, but will still work with them at a lesser rate if they don’t have their papers. Adult film always requires ID.

What Employers Expect

Employers prefer working with friendly, professional models and actors, who have good attitudes during a shoot.


Modelling – Usually about $100/hour
Adult Film – Anywhere from $250-$1200 per shoot (1-6 hours). Softer-core film gigs start at $100 an hour.

Negotiating Contracts

Most contracts for adult film and modeling work are pre-written. Most of the negotiation room you have is to agree or disagree to your pay, and list the sexual acts or poses you are not willing to do.

When you sign these contracts, you are waiving all rights to the images. You also waive rights to when, where, and how your images will be promoted, portrayed, or published.

If you are ever unsure of your rights, an entertainment lawyer can advise you.

Actors (and sometimes models) are required to sign production release forms at the close of the shoot day.

Contract work is very tricky. You sometimes find that what you’re expected to do, is different from your interpretation of the contract.

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