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Quotes from Employers

“Be very professional and don’t mix business with pleasure. Be on time, do your job and do it well. You will be more respected in the adult media industry for being well prepared and doing a great job and it will get you many referrals and future gigs!”

“Follow safer sex practices, assert you boundaries, maintain a positive professional attitude, read contracts thoroughly, and familiarize yourself with your rights and the laws.”

“Advance your skill sets. Maintain a professional appearance and a personal approach. Be dedicated to your job.”

“Educate yourself before starting up the business. Have a lawyer. Keep positive relationships in your life.”

“Get a website! It’s the cheapest and best way to advertise / promote yourself. Stay in touch with your clients (as well as garner new ones). Constantly keep your website updated with new information as well as having a newsletter to remind them to come back. On the web you can be easily and not to mention quickly forgotten as there is so much adult content that the average surfer cannot stay focused on one web site when they are force fed so much all at once.”

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