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Researchers in the Neighbourhood

When researchers come into your workspace offering you money in return for your wisdom and expertise, you have a right to benefit from the research beyond the monetary payment. Ask them what they will do with their research to further the rights of sex workers.

You should receive your compensation up front. Do not be held hostage by the money. If you really believe in the project, you will most likely stay for the entire session. If you leave because you change your mind part way through, for whatever reason (it’s taking too long, you start feeling ill, you don’t give a shit), that is also your right.

Do not feel obliged to give personal information that could identify you. Ask the researchers if the information they collect is confidential and how they are ensuring this. If some questions seem very personal, ask what the purposes of those questions are. You can refuse to answer any question at any time.

If the questions you are asked trigger or upset you in any way, make sure you have a resource to turn to for support – whether it is a good friend or an organization. Try not to do anything unsafe or self-destructive following a trip down memory lane. Plan for self-care once the interview is over.

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