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Getting Started

Street workers can work as independents or under the control of a pimp. (Under the law in Canada, a “pimp” is considered to be a person who “lives wholly or in part on the avails of prostitution of another person.” In theory, this could describe your boyfriend, your son, or even your grandfather who you are caring for because he has Alzheimer’s.)

If you work for someone who has control of your earnings, you may or may not like the arrangement. If he or she provides security, protection, and a decent roof over your head, you might feel good about the relationship. If he or she abuses you, keeps most of your earnings, or otherwise exploits you, you probably don’t like it so much. (See Chapter Two – Our Coworkers for information on how to leave an abusive pimp.)

If you decide to start working the street, try to befriend another worker so he or she can share their block with you and introduce you around to others. (See Chapter One – Our Workspaces for safety tactics when working the street)


Rates vary depending upon service and individual price setting.

High Track: $100 – $600
Mid Track: $60 – $200
Low Track: $3 – $60 ($50 for full service)

Another description of the pay has been: $20 / $40 / $60 / $80 depending on service performed.

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