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Before applying for an adult film position, find out either the name of the company, or the name of the person hiring. Google search their names. Check out their web sites. Go to online forums for sex workers to read reviews. Ask others in the industry what they know.

If they are offering a huge amount of money, it is probably too good to be true. Call around, look at newspaper ads, or look at online listings such as Craigslist to see what the going pay range is.

Create a list of what activities you are willing to do. Ask the business owner what will be required of you, how long the shoot will be, and how much the pay will be. Try to negotiate your pay or the activities you’re expected to perform before the shoot.

Get regular STI checks from clinics or your doctor and get a photocopy of the results to bring in for work. You will need ID to show the doctor to get your results. Most companies require testing every one to six months. Ask about this in advance to get the ball rolling before commencing work, so you will be prepared. It usually takes one week to get results.

Have two pieces of government issued ID available at the time of the shoot. If they do not ask for ID then they could be pedophiles that film kiddie porn. Or they could be setting you up for a snuff film where you will be killed during the shoot. Do not trust anyone who does not require ID.

Most professional film companies do not allow performers to bring accompaniments to the shoot. It’s always worth asking though.

Use a ‘spotter.’ Whether it is a driver outside or someone you can text. When texting, contact your spotter every hour or two so they know you are safe during the filming / photography session. Make sure the spotter knows the producer’s name, address and phone number so police can be called if your texts stop coming and the performer won’t answer the phone.

Leave a paper trail of where you are going. Email your spotter or a friend the location of the shoot as well as other information such as the name of the company, email address of the business owner, pertinent phone numbers and dates of the shoot. This way, if communication is lost somehow, the police can be called to intervene.

After you have had naked images of yourself spread across the Internet, prepare to be noticed in public. Some people may embarrass you publicly, disrespect your privacy, and act inappropriately. Stick to familiar places and find ways to maintain personal safety. This could be buying a guard dog, getting a tough-ass lover, hanging out at safe public locations when alone, and having a cell phone on hand at all times. There are serial killers who prey on those in the sex industry. Adult film performers are no exception.

When choosing adult film work, there are many options for employment. Some are safer than others. Solo work using your own toys is the safest way to not get an STI. There are many fetish sites that film only your feet, your armpit, bubble blowing or other interesting activites, that are very safe forms of employment. Working for an exhibitionist / voyeur shoot is great too as it could be a shoot of you changing in a change room, or a camera under a desk watching you open your legs.

If you are going to do sexual activities, check before the shoot if the company does bareback shoots, or if condoms are worn. Ask if dental dams are used during pussy eating scenes. Ask if you can use condoms during blowjobs. If barriers are not used, then there is a high risk of contracting diseases. Even kissing is unsafe, as many people have the herpes virus that causes cold sores. Only choose sexual work that takes as many health precautions as possible. Safe sex can still be sexy to watch.

If you have a violent situation occur on set, phone police or post reviews onto online forums to warn others. If there is a bad date sheet for escorts, report the incident to be put on there. Many industry workers cross over into other industries. When posting about violent situations, do it in a way that doesn’t disclose who you are as the person reporting. This will help you to avoid repercussions from the community.

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