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Safety Advice for Everyone

“Don’t work desperate, if you can help it. Somehow all my bad dates happened when I was really desperate for money.”

“Be sure of yourself and strong. You attract what you give off. Act weak and the predators come.”

“TRUST YOUR GUT. If it says “suspicion” or “danger” – get the hell out of there fast.”

“Don’t accept drinks from clients unless you watched them being poured and are sure they’ve not been spiked.”

“Always get your money up front. Once the client finishes the sex act (or the dance is over, etc) they may no longer be willing to pay.”

“Hide your money in your boot but make it appear you put it somewhere else like your purse. Or you could hide the money in a drawer or behind the mirror while the client is busy getting naked. The client will sometimes attempt to take the money back after the session is over.”

“Stilettos are a weapon – kick like crazy!”

“If possible, get security to walk you out when you’re leaving a workspace – this will protect you from being robbed or worse.”

“Present a strong front. They can sense fear and weakness.”

“Being louder and more obnoxious than the customer was effective in stopping unwanted behaviours. Threatening violence always shut them up fast too.”

“Take self defense course and learn de-escalation techniques.”

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