Surrey Bill

This criminal has been plaguing our community for more than a decade. there are multiple reports about violence.

His MO is to offer a large sum of money to “newer” sex workers. So much as to make people skip the screening process and to make newer workers who may not know how to screen accept his offer.

He will not come to your incall, he will instead ask you to take the sky train to surrey where he will pick you up and take you to his place. Once in the car he will ask for a “sample” and promise to pay when you get back to his place and once the “promised” extended, high priced session has begun.

Once he has finished, he will throw you out of the car, by force if necessary. He has also become more violent in recent times.

Police have an extensive file on him but have not been able to charge him so far.

The following is a report from September 2018 and represents the most violent report and most recent we have heard of.

We are pinning it here so that we can try to prevent people becoming his victims. If you have had experience with Surrey Bill or think you may have, please don’t hesitate to reach out. you are not alone and we can try to help you or connect you to supports.

Dangerous client named Bill who refused to pay

His name is bill. Digits +125073938**
He demanded we not use a condom even though I told him this was against my rules. He made the decision himself that he would not use one and quickly put himself inside me before I could even argue the matter.
He was freaking out because I wanted to take a break and didnt immediately start bbbj after walking out of the bathroom. He began attacking me and name calling to the point where I said I was going to leave because i felt uncomfortable. We had already spent a few hours together and I expected to be paid. He refused and called me a retarded whore.. among other things. I demanded he pay me and he said I was worth nothing.
After a brutal argument he agreed to take me to an atm machine. On the drive there he threatened to take me to the top of a mountain and kill me.
When we got to the atm machine I waited in the truck (stupidly) for him to pay me.
He got the money and waved it far away from me so I couldn’t see it. I asked for the money before leaving the vehicle. He then grabbed me, pulled me out of the truck and across the pavement, bruising me very badly, like my whole forearm is purple and yellow. I screamed for help so he threw me to the ground and drove off. I walked to a gas station (this was 4am) in tears and called a cab.