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Collaborative Safety Planning Tool


The following safety planning tool is an amalgamation of information from three BCCEC projects that were developed with sex workers in British Columbia to address their concerns about violence: the ―Trade Secrets- Occupational Health and Safety in the Sex Industry‖ (BCCEC, 2011), the ―411‖ resource are for sex workers who have been victims of crime (BCCEC, 2009), and ―From the Curb: Sex Workers‘ Perspectives on Violence and Domestic Trafficking‖ (Bowen, 2006). This tool is aimed to support those working toward anti-violence issues in co-creating support plans with sex workers that reflect their lived experiences of violence and also respects their unique position as a marginalized and criminalized group of people.
This document is derived from the collective wisdom of sex workers; however, each sex worker will face her/his own challenges and will require some formalized response to violence as well as individualized support to address their needs. Sex workers who experience violence are survivors and many will have safety strategies already in place for themselves.

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