“I have felt burned out and not wanted to deal with horny men before. I keep other square jobs that I work on-call on the side in order to take a break from time-to-time.”

“I remember long stretches of time, like years, when I thought the job was easy and safe. But I could go from feeling comfortable to burnout very quickly.”

Burnout is a common health hazard in this profession. If you are working all the time, hustling for a living, or taking on too many clients, you’re sure to experience it. There is only one cure for burnout – taking a break.

Depending on how bad your burnout is, you may need to take an extended vacation from entertaining. Turn to your closest friends and family. Do what you need to do to have a break. To reduce extreme burnout, take breaks often. Whenever you feel yourself beginning to hate life, take a break. Don’t wait until you’ve convinced yourself life isn’t worth living anymore and you’re two months behind on rent.

If it is not financially possible for you to take a break, at the very least, try to cut down on your hours or clients. In between work – eat, sleep, and exercise. Cut down your personal life obligations until they are as minimal as possible. Veg out between work engagements and don’t feel bad about it. Your health is number one.

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