Quotes from Sex Workers – How We See Ourselves

“I am a facilitator, artist, healer.”

“I am a good person, independent, intelligent, doing a good job to support myself.”

“I am straight-forward and compassionate but I won’t take any crap. I have a big heart but it is sometimes guarded. I am easy-going. I care about people. I don’t like to see people suffer. I don’t believe in religion. I believe in spirituality.”

“I think of myself as a single individual in my community. I’m just another person on this rock floating around a star in space.”

“I’m a professional providing a service. I’m no better or worse than anyone else.”

“I provide a service that is a healthy outlet for people. Healthy, that is, if all of our companion rules are followed.”

“I am a pioneer. I am an entrepreneur. I am an exciting person who is ever-evolving with the ever-evolving, changing world.”

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